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  Welcome Letter, Course Overview and Expectations

Hi Friends!

I am Kristine Traucht, the author and instructor for this online Thai massage training program. Welcome to the first level of Basic Thai Massage training! I am thrilled that you chose to take this course with me, and I will do my best to assist and support through the entire program. I am just a comment or an email away, if you need me :) If you would like to know more about who I am, you can read my bio here.

At the beginning of each lesson there will be a lesson objective to describe how to complete the lesson. Underneath it will have any additional details you might need to clarify those objectives. Let's Begin!

Lesson Objective:

Read "Welcome Letter"

Read "Course Expectations & Overview"

Write a brief introduction of yourself

Please add your first name and first letter of your last name, where you are from, and what you hope to get out of this program. If you would like to add a little about who you are (your life, what you currently do for a living, hobbies, interests, etc.) it would be great to get to know you better. After you complete it, you can post it below in the comments section or email it directly to me, whichever you prefer.

Welcome Letter.pdf
Course Expectations & Overview.pdf
Nicholas S Boucher
Hello, my name is Nicholas. I am from Kansas City, MO (the City of Fountains). I have been a Massage Therapist for three years, and I would like to transform my practice to offer Thai bodywork and herbology. As for hobbies, I love to play disc golf , mushroom hunt, and recently took an archery class. I am grateful to follow your lineage and join the community of Thai medicine. Thank you all for serving others.
Cheryl Harris
Hello . I am a senior, I work in the health field as a Sterile processor , I have not been able to use my hands because of carpal tunnel . then with my luck i had The Big A in my thumb. My dream is to retire to do what i love ,which is heal and learn to take care of myself and others . The older generation can use this service ,because they don't need to remove any thing . I was always interested in Thai Massage . This is another way to learn at my own pace . i learn better by watching ,Then i can go over anything . I am very happy you have offered this class . I hope to gain all that i can out of it THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP .
Meagan Coy
I am really excited to have access to the Basic Thai Massage Course material on-line. I participated in this course in person at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts in November 2016, and got so much out of it. I am a massage therapist living in Moab, UT, and have incorporated the Basic Thai Massage routine into my practice offerings, and it has been really well received. I am looking forward to reviewing and learning more through this on-line course, so that I can make sure that I am applying the right techniques to clients, and using proper body mechanics for myself. It will be so helpful to have access to the content anytime in order to keep the knowledge fresh. Thank you!
Kristine Traucht
Hi Meagan,
Thank you so much for participating in the online training program! I am glad to hear things are going well for you! Let me know if you need any assistance with the program and if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it. Have a wonderful weekend. I am here if you need me :)
Michael Padgett
Hi Kristine

Siddiqa and I excited to share our congratulations and support in your continued endeavors to awaken others to the culture and medicine of the Thai people. As a fellow humble student in the Shivagakomarpaj lineage that has bounced in and out of my practice since my first "hands on" coarse at OMH years ago; I'm in gratitude for your service in holding the torch for this knowledge to be shared. ~*~

I'm looking forward to using this online course to re-inspire my Thai practice by remembering the basics and using it as a model to keep me organized. I have not been practicing Thai massage as of late and this will be a good kick start to get me moving and thinking Thai again. I just got your email about the last day to register and next thing I know, I'm

Thanks again for your service. Siddiqa and I both look forward to catching up with you and wish you continued blessings.

In Gratitude,
Kristine Traucht
Welcome and thank you so much, Khun Michael! I deeply appreciate the support and encouragement I have received from you and many others in our Thai massage family. I look forward to talking with you and Siddiqa more. I am here to help you in any way.